Soil Products


 Screened topsoil (loam)


  Rubicon screened loam comes from topsoil stockpiles that have then been screened through a 1/2" (12 mm) screen. We are proud to have one of the tightest screens in Calgary, as most our competitors use larger 5/8" screens.

This material is easy to work with since many soil clumps, rocks, roots, and unwanted debris have been removed. Depending on the natural inherent soil characteristics of the topsoil, this screened product has a variety of uses. (100% TOPSOIL)!

Unscreened topsoil (raw loam)


 Topsoil that has been taken straight off a stockpile and not screened. It contains rocks, clumps, roots, etc. as it has not been screened.





7030 Garden Mix (70% screened loam, 30% compost)


Basic garden mix that adds compost to our screened topsoil product and is then screened again, creating a 'fertilized' soil that is rich in nutrients. The name comes from the composition: 70% screened loam, 30% compost. We use a top quality aged (no odour) steer manure-based compost that is extremely rich in nutrients and does not have the extreme acidic qualities of other composts. These ingredients are run through the screener again after being mixed, creating a 'double-screened' end product. (70% SCREENED LOAM, 30% COMPOST).


Premium Garden Mix (50% screened loam, 50% amendments)


 This is a mix that contains screened loam, a fine mulch (great for water retention), and extra compost to enrich the soil and sustain a better, healthier, and more vigorous plant growth. The water-holding capacity are; moisture availability, soil aeration, drainage and workability of the soil are greatly improved over regular topsoil. This mix has the extra nutrients you require for your gardens and flower beds.

Its Primary uses… ideal for topdressing lawn areas, creating planting gardens, reviving and replenishing existing garden areas, or for planting trees and shrubs, flowers and garden vegetables. (50% SCREENED LOAM, 50% AMENDMENTS; compost and fine mulch).


Aged Compost


 A quality straight COMPOST added to your garden or flower beds. We offer the same aged, steer manure-based compost we use in our garden mixes and is available for pickup or delivery. This organic compost is aged and therefore odourless but packs the extra nutrients without the extreme acidity of other types of compost. Farmers have been using this product for years. Fill in this compost at about a 2" depth with your existing soil yourself to supplement any flower or vegetable garden.





  For uses as a base in building and construction projects.